Comparing Gong Fu tea with Espresso

People often ask: why make the tea in such a tiny tea pot? We can compare this type of tea making to making espresso coffee.

The tiny tea pot is the best way of preserving tea fragrance, it's a bit similar to a tiny cup of expresso. The steam goes through the coffee beans in only a few seconds, so the high heat brings out the coffee fragrance without anything unwanted.

With Gong Fu tea we only soak the tea leaves in tea for less than 30 seconds, so it's similar the rapid way we make espresso. We avoiding soaking the tea leaves or coffee in hot water for too long to prevent the emergence of too much tannin, caffeine, and bitterness.

To serve aromatic coffee, warm coffee cups are always required. It's similar with tea, which is why the cup is rinsed with boiling water before pouring.

So, why bother making Gong Fu tea? A very simple reason is that this procedure is the best way to keep the tea, tea pot and tea cup hot, and bring out most of the tea aroma.


Photo by Joyce Tay

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