Taiwanese cuisine basic ingredients

Taiwanese cuisine basic ingredients

1. Ginger 薑
2. Garlic 大蒜
3. Green onion 青蔥
4. Coriander 香菜
5. Fresh chili 辣椒
6. Salt 鹽
7. Sugar : refined sugar 白糖, rock sugar 冰糖, black sugar 黑糖
8. Soy sauce 醬油,Soy paste 醬油膏,black bean sauce 黑豆醬油
9. White vinegar 白醋, Black vinegar 黑醋
10. Rice wine 米酒
11. Cooking oil 油
12. White sesame oil 白麻油,香油
13. Black sesame oil 黑麻油
14. Chili oil 辣油
15. Chili paste 辣椒醬
16. Sesame paste 麻醬
17. Soy bean paste 豆瓣醬
18. White peppercorn 白胡椒
19. Flower pepper (Xanthoxylum seeds) 花椒
20. Chili flakes 乾辣椒籽

Seasonings on table

1. Soy sauce
2. Vinegar
3. Chili oil or chili sauce
4. White pepper
5. White sesame oil


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