Thai herbal yoga

I tried Thai herbal yoga class in Thailand, in a town called Hua Hin. Before I went to the class, I was guessing the yoga teacher, Tikki, was going to teach us how to cook with Thai herbs to help balance our body and mind. I had some doubts about this, but I turned out to be wrong.

As soon as I entered Tikki’s yoga class, I was immersed in the fragrance of Thai herbs. Tiki had filled up the slow cooker with a bunch of Thai herbs: lemon grass, old ginger, galanga, kaffir lime leaves, chopped kaffir lime, camphor and so on. For a second, I thought she was cooking a pot of Thai tom yum soup, and it did smell like that. I thought, this is so cool! I am going to do yoga with the steaming fragrance from this pot of Thai herbs. And there is no air conditioning during this yoga class, it will be hot!

Tikki showed us many spinal yoga poses. Meanwhile, the herbal steam wafted out of the slow cooker, and I could feel the moisture settle on my skin. It made me feel that my body was more flexible and wanted to relax even more. While my body was releasing all its tension, the herbal fragrance was moving in waves, comforting me. The yoga studio was like a herbal medicine steam room. I felt so relaxed after doing this yoga class.

Tikki told me that her friend, Varaporn Narinthorn, who owns another local Yoga school, called Yoga HuaHin, introduced her to this herbal yoga method. The theory is that the herbs help blood circulation, unblocking the energy accumulated in the meridians. The medicinal concept is very similar to Chinese herbal steaming and bathing and energy herbal cooking. But the combination of yoga moving the spine, together with the medicinal effect of the Thai herbs is a kind of deep meridian massage. 

When we were chatting after the class, Tikki told me she is going to move to Texas next year. She was wondering if she could easily find a job as yoga teacher. I thought that she must be joking, because she has her pot of Thai herbs, and her outstanding yoga skill. I guess people will love the perfume of the herbs and she won’t have any problem finding students in the US.

Although Tikki’s class will probably not be running from 2019 in Hua Hin any more because she is going to the US, you can still experience Thai herbal yoga in Yoga HuaHin, which is in the same town.














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