Things to do in Taipei, Taiwan: Dental service

Having your teeth fixed may not sound like a very good way to relax. But what if it got you a free vacation?

Dental treatment in Taiwan is so cheap that the difference in price could easily cover all your travel expenses.

For example, a friend visited me from England in early 2009. After she had a new crown made, she said, “it's worth paying the return air fair to have the treatment in Taipei. The price is good, and the service is not only great, but also fast.” She had her crown done within a week. It only took two short and easy trips to the dentist, and the price was less than US$300. To get the same prompt and quick service would have cost her more than twice as much at home.

Dentists in Taiwan are quite professional. They have to study for six years to get their qualifications. Some of them also study abroad. One dentist I know of who studied in the US said that practicing dentistry in Taiwan actually gives him an advantage over dentists in other countries because he gets far more practical experience here with basic procedures.

There are really a lot of dentists in Taiwan, so the competition helps keep prices attractive. Maybe because prices are low, and mostly covered by national health insurance, people have very regular dental treatment.

Many dentists can communicate reasonably well in English because some of the standard textbooks that they learn from are in English, the same as those studied by US dental students.


I think that this type of

I think that this type of thing happens more than we might thing. Medical tourism is becoming more normal and accepted. As I college student, with out any Dental Plan , I would travel to Mexico. I wasn't alone. Dentists right at the border were doing brisk business in Americans with out insurance.

i would like to get an

i would like to get an additional denture for a spare made and a new lower bridge after pulling another tooth what would the approximate cost

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