Things to do in Taipei, Taiwan

Apart from joining our cooking class, here are some more ideas for activities to do in Taipei if you like nature, culture, and exploring.

1. Elephant mountain hiking trails

2. Dental services

3. Buying glasses

4. Bicycling along the river

5. Hot spring resorts

6. Flower market

7. Jade market

8. Muzha tea house and tea plantation

9. Yangmingshan national park

10. Danshui

11. Yongkang street

12. 228 Peace Park and Museum

13. Buying glasses in Taiwan

14. Morning Markets

15. A day in the life of the market

16. Guanyinshan mountain hiking trails 

17. Vegetarian buffet restaurants

18. Visiting the coal mining villages of Pingxi

19. Oolong tea: how to drink, how to buy

20. Things to do in Taipei, Taiwan: Scooter Traveling



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