When do Taiwanese drink Gong Fu tea?

We drink Gong Fu tea all day, at any time. Instead of drinking coffee to start the day, many older people start the day with Gong Fu tea. Slowing making the best cup of tea, and reaching a state of harmony is the best way to start the day. After meals, people drink Gong Fu tea, as tea is the best way to help digestion. In the afternoon, Gong Fu tea is also a very common drink, at around three to four o'clock in the afternoon, drinking tea helps to wake us up if we're tired, and soothes the body.

When people get together, drinking Gong Fu tea is the most common activity. People will spend hours making tea, taking and eating tea snacks. Because the tea cups are tiny, it's actually easier to spend hours drinking tea without interruption.

When family or friends get together in western countries, drinking beer or wine is a very common social activity. But in Taiwan, tea is also a very popular drink for such social occasions. People will sit around with their tiny little tea pot, tea cups, and tea snacks, drinking tea all day.

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