Dumpling Engineering: Why is my dumpling dough coming out too sticky?

Why is my dumpling dough coming out too sticky?

This is a very common question that our students ask when making dumpling dough.

Obviously, there could simply be too much water for the amount of flour. You can avoid this problem by simply using the exact amounts of ingredients specified in the recipe.

Apart from that, there are other two common reasons that the dough will be too sticky: the dough was too warm when you started, or you're in a place with high humidity and temperature.

If you're noticing that your dough is too sticky, you need to use your own judgment to figure out the reason. If you think the dough is too warm, just allow it to rest for two to five minutes, and it will cool down naturally after a couple of minutes.

If you think the dough is too wet, then sprinkle a little flour on your hands, and gently knead the dough. If it still seems wet, repeat the same procedure..

Notice that we don't add flour directly to the dough? That approach often ends up with the dough becoming too dry. That's because if we can't feel the gradual change in the texture with our hands, then we usually add too much flour to the dough.

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The 'obviously' and 'simply'

The 'obviously' and 'simply' comments are unnecessary, if it was that obvious and that simple you wouldn't need to give advice.

Thank you for your interest

Thank you for your interest and careful attention to our website, and thank you so much for your helpful advice! 

English is not my first language, as you can see, so I always have difficulty expressing myself with the fluency of a skilled native speaker such as yourself. 

From your comment, I understand that I must stop using unnecessary words such as 'obviously' or 'simply'. Therefore, could I solve this particular problem by deleting those two words from that sentence? 

Do you have any other suggestions about how I might express these ideas in correct and idiomatic English? 

Generally speaking, what would your advice be for the use of words like 'obviously' and 'simply'? Should these words always be avoided?

Thank you again for your great kindness.

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