What is black sugar?

Black sugar is a common ingredient in Asian cooking, but when I show black sugar to my Western guests. They very often ask “is that brown sugar?”

Black sugar is healthier and more tasty than white processed sugar; brown sugar has a few of the benefits of black sugar, but really isn't as good.

It can look quite similar to brown sugar, but black sugar is even darker - almost black. Black sugar is popular in Taiwan. Compared to processed sugar, which has a very flat, characterless taste, black sugar is 'round', with a lot more flavor.

Unlike processed sugar, black sugar contains molasses, plus potassium, iron, calcium and other minerals.

Many Western women like to eat chocolate for comfort during their period, but Japanese women like to eat black sugar. For Taiwanese women, eating black sugar during their period is also a very common custom, probably because Taiwan is a former colony of Japan. They really eat pieces of sugar like it's candy.

Actually, the minerals like iron and calcium do help ease the tension and discomfort of a woman's period. Of course the calories of the black sugar do produce a lot of energy for this difficult time too.

Compare it to a cup of hot chocolate on a winter's day. Ginger and black sugar tea is a popular drink in almost every part of China. Apart from warming up the body, ginger tea also helps to cure colds.

Similar to sea salt or rock salt, black sugar is also a relatively alkaline ingredient. Instead of using processed salt or sugar, it will give our health more nutritional benefits.

If I need to add any sugar to my coffee or tea, I would rather choose black sugar than processed sugar.

Where to buy black sugar?

You should be able to find black sugar in Asian (Chinese or Japanese) markets and supermarkets. The English product labels are often wrongly translated, but if you can see the Chinese / Kanji characters for black sugar, you should be getting the right thing - the image here shows these characters as they appear on a product. If the product has nutritional information, then high iron, calcium and mineral content is another sign of real black sugar. You can also buy black sugar online, for example at Amazon: here and here. These are sponsored links.





is black sugar suitable for

is black sugar suitable for people with diabetese

is black sugar suitable for

is black sugar suitable for people with diabetese

is black sugar suitable for

is black sugar suitable for diabetics.. is it safe

People who have diabetes

People who have diabetes should not take too much black sugar, I think, same as other kinds of sugar. But you should really ask your doctor these kinds of questions.

Healthy Hot Ginger Tea with

Healthy Hot Ginger Tea with Black Sugar..i m very interested
and after do some research and found only Japan got the
fermented best black sugar... but I know in Malaysia, nowhere to get it..

may I know how u can help me get one pack of Japanese okinkawa ?

my email is bridgetcheng@rocketmail.com

thank you for your kindness

I m in Malaysia and found the

I m in Malaysia and found the black sugar from Japan is fermented esp from okinkawa.
I no chance to try it in Malaysia as even black sugar also can be hardly found.
as found good for ladies due to menstruction...
so im very interested to get this ...but how leh ?

my email is bridgetcheng@rocketmail.com.

thank you for your kindness.

I've just discovered this and

I've just discovered this and blogged about it being used in shortbread cookies. They were quite yummy treats! Feel free to have a look at https://bustrainboatwalk.wordpress.com/2015/09/28/japanese-dessert-party/ where I've also linked to this page. Thanks for writing about black sugar!

black sugar helps stress

black sugar helps stress relief as well. As everybody knows that for Westerners, eating chocolate will make you feel happier becuz of the sweetness. Same goes with black sugar, but its healthier in anyways.

Is black sugar better to use

Is black sugar better to use in home-made body scrubs, versus using other sugars like brown, raw, or white.
I tend to hear a lot about brown sugars being used in most body scrubs; along with sea salts.
Another question: is salt or sugar better for body/facial scrubs. and if so which kinds of salts.

I was told the very darkest

I was told the very darkest sugar here in China is the tail-end product left as a by-product of the refining process,-- this by someone connected with that kind of work. I think it tastes like black strap molasses,but maybe a trifle sweeter. The solid sugar is never as dark, that I've seen. Anyway, I have baked all my cakes and cookies with this darkest sugar for years. It gives a chocolate color, since I bake with buckwheat/ bitter buckwheat flour. It's great stuff, and I have yet to find out whether it raises my (high) blood sugar.

Black sugar is available

Black sugar is available through H-Mart, a Korean supermarket chain. There are several in Washington State. I don't know where others are located, but it also might be worth your while to check out other Asian stores.

Can some one please tell me

Can some one please tell me where to find this?

After a quick search, I've

After a quick search, I've found that "black sugar" is indeed a kind of brown sugar. It seems to be unrefined to poorly refined brown sugar, known in english as "muscovado" (in hindi as "khaat", in South america as "panela", "rapadura", "raspadura", "chanchaca", "piloncillo" and "papelon"...), which means that it keeps most nutrients from sugarcane juice.

Any kind of brown sugar contains molasses, as that's what gives them their colour (with the exception of tinted sugar, which is coloured white sugar sold as brown), and the darker the hue, the more they have (light brown sugar has about 4.5% and dark brown sugar has up to 6.5%; black sugar/muscovado has even higher).

Black sugar causes

Black sugar causes cancer!!??


dark brown sugar is not the

dark brown sugar is not the same as black cancer. there might still be a risk. ill do some research and see if it does.

Black sugar , is sugar ,

Black sugar , is sugar , molasses, anyway you look at it it's sugar , and horrible for you. Don't fool yourself into thinking it's healthy.

Black sugar is used in

Black sugar is used in confectionery industries like crushed and crystal. In other cases it will not fit.

Like everyone else here I

Like everyone else here I would like to know a source to buy black sugar or better yet black sugar extract from.
The Amazon links provided in the article are dead ends.
I checked all 3 of my big international markets and they say they don't carry it.
Your help is appreciated

this commentary isnt true

this commentary isnt true about japanese women.
maybe our grandmothers used black sugar黒唐・黒砂糖, but mostly we use on traditional sweets and not during period.
my mother used on ice cream, but now just honey. we eat chocolate, and often godiva.

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