Green curry and coconut milk with vegetables

Thai food is famous for its spicyness, and coconut milk is perfect to cool down the spicyness and give a beautiful balance.

When I travel to Thailand, it's always a time for me to roll into lots of different cookery classes. From Chiang Mai to Bangkok, to the southern islands, the cooks in many restaurants have all been my cookery teachers. They were happy to see me interested in Thai culture, and they were always very generous in showing me their cooking secrets.

This is a very easy Thai curry dish, you only need to boil your favorite vegetables, and cook with the mix of green curry paste and coconut milk - then it's done. A bowl of rice and a dish of tasty green curry will help make a beautiful evening – almost like being in Thailand!


1 small cabbage, 10 mushrooms, 10 baby corns, 1 carrot, and 1 small broccoli
3~4 teaspoons green curry paste
1 can of coconut milk
10 kaffir lime leaves
2 teaspoons palm sugar
a little bit of salt or fish sauce

How to cook

1. Clean and cut the vegetable, boil untill tender. Drain and put to one side for a moment.
2. Mix the green curry paste, coconut milk, and palm sugar in a wok at low heat.
3.Mix in the boiled vegetables, add the lime leaves, bring to the boil. 4. Add a little bit of salt or fish sauce - it's ready to serve.


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