Morning Market Tour and Dumpling Cooking Class Video

Recently I had the good fortune to cooperate with in designing a new event for our guests, a morning market tour and dumpling cooking class. Tripinsiders made this beautiful two minute video to introduce me and the tour. 
I really appreciate the kindness and expertise of Rosa, Ray, Gabriel and everyone at Tripinsiders for helping me so much with this, and giving me an insight into their world. 

Making a video with TripinsidersYou can find out about this tour, including how to book it, at (And there you can also read about all the other interesting activities that Tripinsiders offer in Taiwan and other countries).



want to book for two people

want to book for two people for Mar 4 or 5 but can't contact Tripinsiders.
We would like the dumpling cooking class only, if the market tour is not available
Peter & Jennie

If you would like to book

If you would like to book this event, please write an email to

Thank you for inquiring about

Thank you for inquiring about this cooking class. Unfortunately , we are already fully booked until the end of March

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