A ginger spa from your kitchen

natural hot spring spa bath in taiwan mountainsGinger is very common in Chinese cooking. As the herb efficiently improves blood circulation, it has many different uses.

Do you want to have a warming and healthy natural ginger spa bath? There's no need to buy any luxury spa products, all you need is a chunk of ginger from your kitchen.

Ginger treatment has been part of Chinese herbal medicine since ancient times. Doctors would recommend ginger tea and ginger baths as ways to help to increase circulation, relieve tension and alleviate inflammation. It's very easy to have the treatment at home, all you need is a big chunk of ginger from your kitchen.

Here are few tips to help you prepare ginger tea or a ginger bath in as little as a few minutes.

Ginger for health

Ginger is not only used as a spice to flavor food, ginger tea is also a common drink on cold days. And a ginger bath is an ancient remedy for curing colds and soothing aching muscles. Ginger massage oil and ointment are very hot spring bathcommonly used in Taiwanese massage treatment.

Making ginger tea is easy, simply smash a big chunk of ginger and boil it with water. When the water gets to the boil, let it simmer for about half an hour. Then flavor it with black sugar, and it's ready to serve.

To make a ginger bath is also very simple, smash a very big chunk of ginger and cook it with water, bring the ginger water to the boil, then simmer for about half an hour. Pour the hot ginger water into your bath.

Ready in a few minutes

green teaI have a very fast way of making ginger tea or a ginger bath. I blend a cup of ginger and one liter of boiled water in my super Vita-Mix blending machine for about one minute. The tough ginger fibers will be cut up extremely fine. I can filter out the fiber to get rid of it, and then flavor the mixture with black sugar to make a ginger tea.

Or to make a ginger bath, I start with the same method, but then just pour the hot ginger water into a normal hot bath. When I've finished the bath, I just let the very fine ginger fiber drain away. But before draining away the ginger bath, shampooing your hair with the ginger water is another way to relax yourself even more.

As well as relieving cold symptoms and comforting aching muscles, I think a ginger bath can also help you to burn fat quickly by speeding up your metabolism a little, if you want to get slim.


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