Exploring Taiwan's history, culture and cuisine

Old Taipei Tour - Dadaocheng and Dihua StreetIn the near future we will start offering this tour of historic Di Hua Street, and the Da Dao Cheng Area in Taipei. The tour will cover the morning market, temples, the traditional food stands and small restaurants.

The shopping includes fabrics, Chinese herbs and herbal remedies, cooking ingredients, wood and bamboo products, lanterns, tea shops, traditional ceramics, modern boutiques, arts and crafts, and so on. I aim to use the tour to introduce the history and culture of Taiwan.

Dadaocheng and Dihua Street Old Taipei tour, an insight into Taiwanese food culture

We have been researching and practising this with invited guests for several months, so the tour is ready. We're just working on the presentation for the website now.


Tea: Experience tea culture. Learn how to appeciate tea and serve tea in a one-hundred-year-old tea shop. Tour the tea shop and enjoy a performance of traditional music. The tea shop is family owned and run.

Food: Here are some of the local specialities you can try: Almond milk, fish ball soup, shrimp rolls on rice, herbal tea, malt biscuit, red bean cake (紅豆餅). Includes lots of dishes suitable for vegetarians. Visit the the City God Temple (城隍廟) and drink Blessed Tea (平安茶). Take a rest in a old southern Chinese tea house

Learn how street food is prepared, and what ingredients are used

Understand how the business, people, temples, street restaurants are linked in Taiwanese society.

See how people lived in the old community, and how the community is still strong today.

Discover how modern Taipei has grow from its roots in this old commercial area, one and half centuries ago.

See how money, business, culture and religion from the West, China and Japan influenced and built old Taipei.

Understand how local people shop for fresh ingredients in the morning market (Taiping Market 太平市場)

Shop for souvenirs. This is the best area to buy local souvenirs. Most of the shops are still making their own products.

See the herbal shops, and understand how Taiwanese people use herbs in cooking.

Practical information

Price: Introductory rate, NT$6,000 for 2 people (private tour). Food and drinks are included in this price.

Language: English (Chinese or Taiwanese if required)

Starting location: Daqiaotou (大橋頭) Metro Station, Exit 1 -- or Shuanglian (雙連) Metro Station, Exit 2

Time: 9:30am~10am

Duration: 5-6 hours

Photos by: Joyce Tay, Chen Wang Chan, Jimmy Yao, Bi-Yu Wu (bluefish812), Enixii, SpanLai, and Neverbutterfly, Nisa Yeh. See links for license information.


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