Taiwanese Cooking Introductory Class

Class content

1. Sesame flavor soy bean milk.

2. Basic ingredients introduction

3. Taiwanese dressings

Ginger dressing with toasted shiitake mushrooms

Garlic dressing with toasted oyster mushrooms

4. Taiwanese sweet sauce

Sweet garlic sauce with deep fried tofu layers

5. Creating layering of flavors without recipes

Cucumber salad with assorted white sesame oil dressing

6. Spicy with sweet and sour dressing

Five flavors sweet and sour sauce with toasted eggplant

7. Hot and sour soup

8. Black and white sesame pastes

Sesame apple and carrot sticks

Garlic sesame sauce with konjac noodles

9. Spicy Sichuan flower pepper oil

Spicy pineapple

Spicy oil with 5 flavor sweet and sour dressing with glass noodles salad

To learn:

1. Basic Taiwanese cooking ingredients: soul of Taiwanese cooking, spirit of Taiwanese cooking
2. Creating laying of flavour
3. How to cook without recipes