Spiced Vegetables in Olive Oil

Spiced Vegetables in Olive Oil

Highest quality olive oil
Garlic, chillies, rosemary and basil or other herbs
1. Cauliflower, Broccoli, Carrot cut into pieces about 1cm wide and 2cm long.
2. Peppers cut into pieces about 1cm wide x 2cm long, Cherry tomatoes cut into half.

Container: Glass jars or bottles


How to Make Spiced olive oil

1. Before you begin, consider which quantities of ingredients will provide the most attractive effect. Use enough garlic to fill about one quarter of the container, and smaller quantities of the other ingredients.

2. Smash the Garlic, clean the chilli and herbs. Partially dry the chilli by putting it in an oven (not microwave) at lowest temperature for thirty minutes.

3. Clean the glass jars with boiling water.

4. Mix the Olive oil and spices in the glass jars. Close the jars. Leave for one week. Then you can use the oil.

How to cook (stage 1)

1. Add the salt in the boiling water. Add the caulilflower, broccli cook for 3 mins. Then boil the carrot for 5 minutes.

2. Drain the vegetables, mix with spiced olive oil.

How to cook (stage 2)

1. Mix different colors of peppers with tomatoes,.
2. Mix spiced olive oil with vinegar(2:1) and a pinch of salt , sprinkle on the salads.

How to use it

1. For salad dressing

2. For stir fried vegetable, to give a special aroma and taste

3. For boiled or steamed vegetable dressing.

4. A decoration in your kitchen or dining room.

A jar or bottle of home-made, spiced olive oil not only tastes delicious with salads or fried dishes, but also makes a beautiful decoration for your kitchen.


Hi Jodie, Thank you for the

Hi Jodie,
Thank you for the recipe. How do you store the spiced olive oil? Do you refrigerate it or just leave it in the kitchen?

I usually leave it in the

I usually leave it in the kitchen as a decoration and use it when I need it.

How long can you store this

How long can you store this for please

I've stored this as long as 1

I'd stored the spiced olive oil as long as 1 year. And it just tasted great!

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