How to be a wok cooking superstar

Stir-frying is a very efficient way of cooking. Compared to oven cooking, it only takes a few minutes to complete a dish.

Stir-frying food with a wok also looks cool! It looks like you're performing on a TV cooking show. Adding a little bit of this and that – we can all look like a cooking superstar.

But in fact, stir-frying can quickly turn into a cooking disaster. The high heat necessary for wok cooking can burn the ingredients very rapidly, and then we panic, add too much soy sauce, vinegar and so on. So, surprisingly, these dishes can turn out to be a mess.

Here are some tips to improve your stir-frying skill:

General rules for stir-frying
1.Chop all the ingredients into the same shape and size
2.Heat the wok to make sure it is dry, then add the oil.
3.Flavor the oil with garlic, ginger or onion at a low medium heat.
4.Add the ingredients which take more time to cook first.
5.Advanced technique: If you want to use ingredients that require a very different amount of cooking time, you can cook them separately, and then add them to the wok at the last minute.
6.If the wok gets too dry or sticky, add a small amount of water.
7.Flavor the dish with soy sauce, oyster saucy, sweet and sour sauce, chili sauce, green curry, red curry, salt, sugar, chili, basil, toban sauce, spices and so on.
8.Finally turn the heat higher to quickly cook and bring out all the flavor from all the ingredients.

List of garlic or ginger stir-fried dishes
1.Garlic or ginger stir-fried morning glory (green vegetables)
2.Garlic or ginger stir-fried asparagus and bell pepper
3.Garlic or ginger stir-fried shiitake mushroom with basil and chili
4.Garlic or ginger stir-fried mushrooms, bell pepper and baby corn
5.Garlic or ginger stir-fried green beans,
6.Garlic or ginger stir-fried mix vegetables
7.Garlic or ginger stir-fried tofu and mix vegetables
8.Garlic or ginger stir-fried seafood with basil and chili


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