Typhoon breakfast party

When a typhoon is passing near to Taipei, it can be the one of the most boring days of the year. There's often very heavy rain and extremely strong winds, so it's not really safe or pleasant to go outside for more than a minute. Anyway, many shops and other businesses are closed.

Living up on the mountain, twenty minutes walk away from the nearest shops, it's especially strange: I will usually spend the whole day indoors. After a while, I feel kind of disconnected from the outside world.

Last weekend, I invented my friends and neighbors to come to my typhoon breakfast party. We all live on the mountain, so we all had the same feeling of being bored and cramped in our homes during the typhoon. My friends arrived in the heavy rain and strong wind. I had the feeling that they were all happy to arrive and see a table full of nice food and drinks, and all the friendly faces. The rain and wind didn't matter any more, it disconnected us from the outside world, but it gave us an opportunity to be more connected to each other, and our breakfast party didn't end until 2pm.


無聊的颱風天,出門不方便,住在山上的朋友們都有被困在家的感覺,這反而是開party 的好機會,就這樣一大早起來,不管它風雨有多大,為餐桌點上蠟燭,為三明治舖上荷蘭起司,沏上一壺英國博爵茶,煮一壺義大利咖啡,為客人們擺上家裡最美的餐具,我的颱風早餐趴在宮崎駿的動畫音樂伴奏中就緒了,迎接於風雨中抵達的客人們,這天我們的早餐趴遲遲至下午二點多才結束。



your breakfast party seems

your breakfast party seems adorable, i mean what could be better than having nice cheese breakfast and cherishing the memories with your old pals, while there is a storm outside.

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