Want to use roasted sesame oil for cooking? Don't do it!

Roasted sesame oil smells wonderful, but it's not suitable for cooking. The very high temperatures used in cooking burn the oil and turn its lovely fragrance into an unpleasant smell. However you use this oil, don't add it to food until the cooking is complete.

Here are few suggestions how to use sesame oil:


The typical ingredients for vinaigrette are usually extra virgin olive oil, with balsamic vinegar or white wine vinegar. You can just replace the extra virgin olive oil with white sesame oil. For example: Tomato salad with sesame oil dressing

Stir-fried dishes

If you like to add sesame oil to stir-fried dishes, it's best to add the oil to the dishes when cooking is complete, and then quickly turn off the heat to avoid burning the oil.


Taiwanese people prepare soup for serving by adding a few drops of sesame oil and some white pepper. This makes fish ball soup or seaweed soup taste extra special, for example. This is very similar to how some western soups are completed by adding a few drops of extra virgin olive oil and black pepper.

Warm salads

Taiwanese people usually blanch sweet potato leaves or broccoli, flavored with sesame oil and salt.

Cold salads

You can easily add some sesame oil to your salad. Just use sesame oil instead of extra virgin olive oil.


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