Market Tour and Taiwanese Dumpling Cooking Class

Enjoy the sites and sounds of a traditional street market, and a delicious breakfast. Shop for ingredients with experienced chef and cooking teacher, Jodie Tsao. Then visit Jodie's home on the beautiful mountainside overlooking the city, to learn how to make dumplings and other dishes. Finally enjoy eating what you've cooked, in a lunch with side dishes and Taiwanese tea.

Please watch this short two minute video to get a quick idea of what you will see and do on this tour.

The Day's Schedule


9:00am. Meet at Taipei 101 Station, Exit 2. Then we get to know each other is we chat and walk to Wuxing Street Market, which takes about 5-10 minutes.

Taiwanese breakfast

Try some Taiwanese breakfast dishes, choose from soy bean milk shop, oyster noodles, noodle soup with pickles and side dishes, or baked pork buns, etc.

Grocery Shopping

We explore the market together and buy fresh items for the class, such as dumpling ingredients.

Ready to begin

At 10:30am. We go to Jodie's home by taxi, which takes 5-10 minutes. Then we can start the cooking class

The Cooking Class

Here's a summary of what we will learn
Making dumpling dough
Making Chive and waterchestnut dumplings
Making Green onion pie
Making Dumpling dipping sauces


At about 1:00pm. We can enjoy lunch: eating the dumplings that we made ourselves, complented with some Taiwanese tea and appetizers. We will finish at approximately 1:45pm-2:30pm

Practical Details

We will hold this event, rain or shine. The experience lasts about five hours. The price is NT$7,000 for two guests, NT$10,000 for three guests, and NT$12,000 for four guests. All food and transport costs during the event are included. After the event, we can call a taxi for you, or you can walk to public transport. We can suggest some interesting walking paths, if you'd like to take a look at the mountains, or view the city from on high.


We offer this special class and market tour in cooperation with TripInsiders. So the booking and payment options are different from our other classess. Please go to the TripInsiders site, at, find out how to book and pay for this event. All our other classes can be booked by contacting us directly, as usual.

Working together
See our blog post about this event and its origins: