Gong Bao sweet and sour dressing


Black sesame oil 30ml,
Cooking oil 30ml
Crushed garlic, 5 cloves
Dry chilies, 5 tablespoons
Flower pepper powder, 2 teaspoons (optional)
Sweet and sour sauce: vinegar 60ml, sugar 4 tablespoons, soy sauce 3 tablespoons



1. In a bowl, mix the sweet and sour sauce ingredients.

2. In a saucepan, flavor the oil with the garlic and dry chilies at low medium heat.

3. When the chilies turn brown and crispy, add the flower pepper powder and sweet and sour sauce and let it simmer for about one minute.

Additional Notes

1. The dressing can be used with noodles, steamed eggplant, raw cucumber, grilled meat, and so on.



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