Jodie 的日記


view of elephant mountain in Taipei我的幸福是 開門見象山

我的幸福是 象山上如如不動的佛菩薩們

我的幸福是 象山上聲聲問好的山友們

我的幸福是 象山上老友們的熱茶、包子與炒麵

我的幸福是 象山上張開毛羽迎向陽光的筆筒樹

我的幸福是 象山上牢牢抓住巨石不斷攀爬的大板樹根

我的幸福是 象山上展翅盤旋追日的大冠鷹三口

我的幸福是 象山上穿梭樹稍覓食的松鼠們

我的幸福是 象山上離我遠遠見我就散的竹絲

我的幸福是 象山上載我步步而上的石階

我的幸福是 象山上大開我眼界的姆指山

我的幸福是 象山上完全接納我的花草樹木

我的幸福是 與您分享象山上的幸福













How to get to Elephant Mountain?

(Since this article was written in 2010, the Elephant Mountain Metro Station has opened. The station is obviously a good starting point for trips to Elephant Mountain, and the route from that area is now much more clearly signposted. But because of the easier access, you will find a lot more hikers on that part of the mountain now!)

How to get to Elephant Mountain?

From Taipei 101 it takes about 15 minutes to get to the start of the hiking path.

First, walk east along Xinyi Road for about 10 minutes to the junction of Song Ren Rd and Xinyi Road Section 5.

Keep walking in the same direction across Song Ren Rd and past NY Bagels. After about 30 seconds, you will see a sign pointing right for the hiking trail.

From the office to the kitchen

There are some questions I'm often asked:From the office to the kitchen

How long you've been cooking?
Where did you learn cooking?
Did you learn cooking from a culinary school?

Well, there is a story to tell which might answer those questions.

Afternoon tea with delicious Black Forest cake

Gasthaus Zum Adler German Restaurant

Gasthaus zum Adler, a German restaurant run by Mr. Söffner, is near the center of eastern Taipei, 10 minutes walk from Taipei 101. They specialize in southern German cuisine. Mostly the dishes are home made.

We often go there for afternoon tea: a cup of fresh coffee or tea, with home made German dessert. It costs only NT$150. For German desserts, we can have a choice of their home made ice cream, chocolate-coated banana cake, chocolate truffle, or black forest cake.

Homely Local Italian Restaurant

Ciao Bella Italian Restaurant

I enjoy casually walking into this local Italian restaurant in the evening, greeting Mr. Antonello, the chef, and Mrs Antonello, followed by Mrs Antonello's indication to sit at a table.

I enjoy Ciao Bella's authentic Italian home-style flavor, simply handmade pasta, good stewed tomato sauce, handmade bread, homemade rich chocolate cake with ice cream. It's all about Italian food – just simple and good quality ingredients.

Things to do in Taipei, Taiwan: Jade market

Taipei's jade market can be a very surprising place. The first surprise is that the jade isn't all green. The second surprise is that the stallholders don't seem very enthusiastic about selling jade.

Things to do in Taipei, Taiwan: Flower market

Join the crowds strolling through Taipei's Flower Market on Sundays. It's good for people watching even if you're not buying, and in summer all that vegetation keeps temperatures surprisingly pleasant in the shaded market.



Why study cooking in Taipei, Taiwan?

Taiwan fried rice!“Food is one arena where Taipei — the world’s most underrated capital city, according to Monocle magazine — blows Beijing away. Its food incorporates more influences, spans street food to haute cuisine with greater aplomb and is out and out more delicious”, according to The New York Times.

Things to do in Taipei, Taiwan

Apart from joining our cooking class, here are some more ideas for activities to do in Taipei if you like nature, culture, and exploring.

1. Elephant mountain hiking trails

2. Dental services

3. Buying glasses