June 2017

Hi Jodie, 

I came back to Japan last night.

Thankyou for your cooking class.
I It was very special time for me.
I wish if I will go to Taipei,I want to go your class again.
My friends also interested in about your class.
I would like to see you again some time.
Thank you!

Miwa Matsunaga

Hi Jodie,
Thank you again for the class yesterday. It's one of the most special moments I've ever had in Taiwan and being able to understand the local food.  I really appreciate the amount of thought you bring to your class and how much you opened my eyes to ingredients I've never used before.  I equally enjoyed the dishes you taught me and having the chance to talk with you!  It's so funny to talk about how marketable Taiwanese food can be to outsiders and your soupy risotto haha



I just wanted to say that I had a good experience cooking and talking with you about Chinese/Taiwanese cuisine. We had a lot of other conversations which was also nice and made the class more human and enjoyable!
Take care and nice meeting you





November 2016



April 2016

Jodie's old Taipei walking tour and cooking class were the highlights of my trip to Taipei. I arranged the walking tour for my partner and I at the beginning of our stay and Jodie sharing her fantastic knowledge about Tiapei's history, culture and of course food, which real helped make the rest of our trip a much richer experience as we understood so much more. Then the contrast of spending time drinking tea and making dumplings in the tranquil environment of Jodie's Kitchen was just wonderful. I fully recommend both the cooking courses and Jodie's walking tours."

Chris and Roz

December 2012

昨天去 Jodie's Kitchen,才知道一個Cooking class 的細膩要從調味開始。

我一滴一滴的品嚐 醬油、醋、糖、香油。



啊~~ 一堂具有深度的Cooking Class,所需要具備的知識很多阿!


July 2011



See you again!

Sincerely, Ayako





相信練熟了這4套蛋糕可以讓朋友吃了會懷念唷, 哈哈~









昨天的起士蛋糕帶回家後, 每個人都說好好吃!
所以, 我們星期天決定要加碼多做一個起士蛋糕!















Here are some comments and reviews from our customers...

August 2009

Taiwanese Cooking Class

To learn about a culture, is to learn about their food. Cooking is such a relaxing and enjoyable event for me that it only makes sense to experience local cuisine the way it’s meant to be prepared and consumed. Jodie’s Kitchen was the perfect place to spend a Sunday afternoon. Not only did we escape the insane heat and eat some delicious food, we learned about Taiwan culture and cuisine from a very altruistic Taiwanese woman.

I had such a good time… I’d recommend her cooking class to anyone that enjoys good food and good company. We opted for the one day cooking class, but she has a variety of options to choose from.

(Read more and see their photos on their blog)

May 2009

Our Travel Journal

I had my cooking class in the morning, and it turned out to be great...

It was really fun... We started off talking a little bit, letting her get a sense for how much I knew about cooking or about Chinese food in general, and what sorts of things I was interested in. I had previously emailed that I was especially interested in foods that didn't require wheat flour, and everything we did was designed for rice flour, which will be great.

Our first thing was simply to make soy bean milk, a typical hot beverage to start the day in Asia (more so than cofee for many Asian folks). We then just spent time going through different ingredients, smelling and tasting the ingredients one by one, and then seeing how they tasted when mixed together, and learning which ones were more local Taiwanese, which were Szechuan, which were Shanghainese, and so on. Things like different vinegars, different oils, different peppers, different qualities of soy sauces -- she was already very good at pointing out when you can use basic (i.e., cheaper) ingredients, and when you really needed to invest in the good stuff.

We then moved on to bigger things -- a very simple but extremely good sour and spicy soup (which becomes Szechuan hot and sour soup with just a couple of ingredient additions). As with everything to come, Jodie talked about how flexible this dish was -- add in this, or that, serve it this way or that way, and so on. That was a key point in the class -- almost everything was such that it could be made in a variety of ways, and used on or with a variety of ingredients. It wasn't really a class to learn recipes, so much as a class to learn flavors and how they mix, and how they could be used in different ways.

We then made different types of sesame pastes (again, to be used on a ton of things -- fruit, meat, fish), and had a spicy Szechuan sunflower-pepper oil spicy pineapple dish -- just a spiced and herbed oil on pineapple, that was so simple, so good, and filled with all the flavors you would think of Asian cooking. We also made a sweet and sour dressing on spicy pickled cucumber, and about five other sauces. We finished up with a simple fried rice, and with conversation about why my fried rice (and stir fry) doesn't usually work out quite right. I really learned a lot, and enjoyed getting to know Jodie...

(Read more at this guest's blog)


January 2009

Taiwan Journal #6 - Jodie's Cooking Class

...the class lasted about 4 hours and for the first couple of hours, she taught us about the basic ingredients of Taiwanese cooking. Jodie is a total foodie... she gets really excited about organic, natural ingredients... she talked a lot about how when you eat healthier how much better it makes you feel. It's hard to argue with that. She taught us about different kinds of sesame seeds, sesame oils, different kinds of salts and sugars used in Taiwanese cooking, different kinds of vinegars, different styles of soy sauce... it sounds kind of dull but she was so passionate that it made it really interesting.

After that we started cooking... it was a total blast. We made spicy szechuan pineapple, white sesame paste and black sesame paste (both were awesome as a vegetable dip, salad dressing, or on noodles), spicy szechuan cucumbers, chinese green onion pancakes, delicious...

(See more comments, photos and video on their blog)


December 2008

My Taipei Trip

Our team building activity was a cooking class... We learnt the basic ingredients of Taiwanese cooking, some tips on nutrition, then had our hand at kneading the dough for some home-made green onion pancake. We also learnt how to make Taiwanese dishes such as hot and spicy Sze Chuan sauce.

I was amazed at how something as simple as beancurd with vinegar and garlic can taste so amazing! Will make some for my Christmas party tomorrow.

(Read more about their trip on their blog)


October 1 2008

I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful class. I know that everyone had a fabulous time, and I especially appreciated getting to see our friends in a more relaxed environment. And, of course, the food was delicious!

I will certainly keep you in mind for future trips, or to recommend to anyone coming to visit your beautiful country.


September 24 2008

We’ve just returned home with full and happy stomachs thanks to Jodie, our sensei of Asian cuisine. I strongly recommend her personalized cooking class to anyone passing through Taipei! The class lasted about 4 hours, during which we learned several recipes for sauces based on flower pepper and sesame seed, Chinese minestrone soup, and the classic fried rice...

Read more on their blog...


June 29 2008


I wanted to thank you for the wonderful class, quite well matched to my individual interests. Each dish was very unique and tasted superb. As I went back through my notes and recipes, I am astonished at how quick, easy, delicious and healthy the entire menu was. I asked for something to “wow” my friends at dinner parties with, and got just that.

Anyway, it was just a delightful afternoon at your class, and as if the wonderful cuisine was not enough, it was quite an added bonus to discuss interesting topics regarding improving one’s life.



May 2008

Dear Jodie,

Have just arrived home from Taiwan and wanted to pass on my thanks to you for the lovely morning I spent in your company and for the cooking demonstration you gave me. I am going to Newcastle tomorrow morning where they have two Asian shops, and hope I can get the ingredients you showed me. Also my family are all visiting this coming weekend, so I plan to do my own "demonstration" and tasting for them.

...We really loved our time in Taiwan - your travel slogan is "Touch Your Heart", and it certainly touched ours.

Many thanks again,


Dear Jodie,

The dinner for my family was a great success. As I was keen to show them as much as possible of what I had learnt, I served up a buffet style meal with some Thai meat balls I had made, noodles and rice (some plain and some with two of your sauces on them), plus all sorts of other accompaniments - pineapple, eggplant, cucumber, tofu, etc., done with your various sauces. Maybe not what you would recommend, but everyone thoroughly enjoyed having a taste of a wide variety of things.

Thanks again,



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