Home made apple and pineapple vinegar


Apple 500g

Pineapple 500g

Rice vinegar 2000ml

Crystal sugar or honey 500g

Apple and pineapple: rice vinegar: crystal sugar=1:2:0.5 ratio



1. Wash the fruit under the tap throughly, and then wash it with drinking water again.

2. Let the fruit dry in the shade on a clean towel for few hours or over night. Don't use artificial heat or direct sunlight to dry it.

3. Cut the apples and pineapple into small pieces (including the skin)

4. Prepare a glass jar (Clean it with drinking water or boiling water, and let it dry under the sun.) Pour in the rice vinegar and crystal sugar. Let the vinegar and sugar mixture disolve.

5. Make sure the fruit is very clean, and is dry (without moisture on the skin). Mix the fruit pieces together with the vinegar mixture.

6. Close the lid, but leave it a little bit loose for one month, so the fruit vinegar can interact with the air.

7. After one month, close the lid tightly. But open the lid every few weeks and shake the jar, so the fruit will brew properly.

8. After 6 months to one year, you can drain the fruit vinegar liquid from the remaining fruit pulp into other glass bottles. The remainder of the fruit pulp can be discarded or mixed with water to make a little more vinegar.

9. Keep the fruit vinegar bottles on the shelf, away from sunlight.


How to use the apple and pineapple vinegar:

1. You can add 2 to 3 table spoons of apple and pineapple vinegar to a glass of water.

2. Drink the apple and pineapple vinegar with water a few times a day.


做醋好像生孩子 ....

做醋好像生孩子 ....



hmm... looks good!

hmm... looks good!

hmm... looks good!

hmm... looks good!

The ratio is 2:4:1 Without a

The ratio is
Without a decimal point.

Thanks for the info.

Are the sugar and vinegar necessary?

Thank you for your

Thank you for your suggestion, 2:4:1 ration without a decimal point makes it easier for me.

This is the way we make drinking vinegar, so sugar and vinegar are necessary.


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