Making fast miso soup in the morning

Recently, I found I am sometimes a little too sensitive to coffee in the early morning. Too much caffeine too early seems to be a shock for my stomach, and can cause stomach irritation for me.


When I stayed in Kyoto this autumn, I learned the Japanese habit of waking up to have a nice cup of miso soup first thing, instead of coffee. Maybe it's a way of gently restarting your deeply relaxed body after a night of resting.


In Taiqi-influenced cooking and eating, we think it's better to start the day with a warm drink. Miso soup is a fermented lactobacillus drink. It improves the digestion, absorption of nutrients, and warms the body. Drinking miso soup is a good start to the morning, and like Taiqi, I think it balances the yin and yang energy of the body


Making miso soup fast

This is a very simple way of making miso soup, almost as simple as making an aromatic cup of coffee in the morning.


1. Boil some water, about 300ml (Enough water for a cup of miso soup.)


2. Put one or two tablespoons of miso paste in a bowl, and pour two tablespoons of boiling water into the bowl, and mix well. By now, you should have some miso sauce in the bowl. (You might need to adjust the amount to the miso paste to your taste.)


3. Add some dry seaweed or cooked vegetables into the bowl together with the miso sauce.


4. Pour the boiling water into the bowl, and cover for one minute. It's ready to serve.




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