Japanese homecooking class in Tokyo

My friend in Tokyo, Japan, Tsukako Imura, is a very good teacher of Japanese cuisine. 

The pictures on this page show her cooking

Ms. Imura and Ms. Mizuno taught me many of the basics of Japanese home cooking. I learned about key Japanese ingredients and how to use them; how to prepare classic Japanese homestyle dishes like gyudon, rolled sushi, grilled rice balls, and miso soup; and even some important Japanese cutting techniques! Together, we created many delicious and healthy meals, and we had a great time doing it.

Lesson Overview 

☆ Cooking Lessons

1. Tofu cooking (Two kinds of Tohu dishes, one side dish, Miso soup and rice) 6500 JPY

2. Tonkatsu (japanese pork cutlet) cooking (Tonkatsu and Rolled Tonkatsu, salad, Miso soup and rice) 8000 JPY

3. Sushi rolls cooking (Three kinds of Sushi rolls, Miso soup) 9000 JPY

4. Bento-box cooking (Japanese fried chicken, Japanese omelette, fruits and vegetables ) 9000 JPY (including box cost)

☆ The prices are for a three hour class for one person

☆ Language: English and Japanese

☆ Area: Central Tokyo area (near to Tamachi Station)

If you are interested in this lesson, please contact them by email at this email address: tsukako0101@yahoo.co.jp
They will give you more details of the lesson, prices, and schedule.