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January 2019

Dear Jodie

We really enjoyed the coming class and market tour, it has been the highlight of our trip so far!

Thank you very much for sending the recipes, we can't wait to make these when we are back in Germany.

Have a wonderful day.

Kind regards,

Dear Jodie

thank you a lot for the recipes and also for the wonderful day showing us the Food-Market, how to prepare Oolong Tea and cooking Dumplings :)

Wishing you a wonderful new year and good success with the upcoming projects :)

Best regards,
Anna & Klaus

Dear Jodie

Happy New Year 2019!!!
Today i did tofu with sauce...great:)


December 2018

Dear Jodie

Thank you very much for your wonderful class today!
You made my day!
Taiwanese home cooking was the right choice for us and very inspirational.

You are definitely a wonderful cook and teacher.
I want to come back and learn more!

Thanks again and have a great weekend!


November 2018

Dear Jodie 

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the cooking class last Friday. I feel very confident I can now make Chinese flavours that will delight my family and friends. I will have so much fun layering the flavours and making food that has different flavours and textures. It was a very educational and most enjoyable session. When I have made some of the dishes at home in Brisbane I will email you again to let you know how I go!


April 2018

Dear Jodie 

We spent 3 days with Jodie for a Chinese Cooking Basics course. She adapted to what we wanted to try & we spent a great day learning about the basics of Taiwanese cooking via notions of a balance of flavors & dilemmas. My 12 year old son & I were kept busy & interested the whole time - her explainations are very clear and she was patient with my son - and me! Her English is perfect BTW. A great experience to better understand Chinese cooking & Taiwanese culture.

Wishing you all the best for the future,
John & Max

January 2018

Dear Jodie

We really enjoyed the cooking class and got the pots and knife for the class.
Here is the link to the photos and video we took.

December 2017

Dear Ms. Jodie Tsao
☆A Happy New Year☆
Thank you very much for your cooking class on 27th!
My mom and I enjoyed a lot of your class.
Wishing you all the best and kind regards,

Hi Jodie
Thank you once again for our class with you and our 2 boys last week.  :)  We had a great time.
We made some of the dumplings today!  We made the fold-over ones, the green onion pancake and the sesame/sugar one.
By the way, all our dumplings turned out great.  My husband actually took the lead and made a lot of them himself - I'm so glad we signed up for your class. It was really educational for all of us!
:)  Jenny

November 2017

Miss Jodie,
Thank you! I had such an excellent time hanging out with you! You taught me a lot about the joy and energy of cooking and how it translates into technique. Thank you so much for welcoming me into your home.

June 2017

Hi Jodie, 
I came back to Japan last night.
Thankyou for your cooking class.
I It was very special time for me.
I wish if I will go to Taipei,I want to go your class again.
My friends also interested in about your class.
I would like to see you again some time.
Thank you!

Miwa Matsunaga

Hi Jodie, 
Thank you again for the class yesterday. It's one of the most special moments I've ever had in Taiwan and being able to understand the local food.  I really appreciate the amount of thought you bring to your class and how much you opened my eyes to ingredients I've never used before.  I equally enjoyed the dishes you taught me and having the chance to talk with you!  It's so funny to talk about how marketable Taiwanese food can be to outsiders and your soupy risotto haha


I just wanted to say that I had a good experience cooking and talking with you about Chinese/Taiwanese cuisine. We had a lot of other conversations which was also nice and made the class more human and enjoyable!
Take care and nice meeting you





                                                                                                                                  Photo by 北嶋友喜

April 2017

Hi Jodie,
Thank you once again for the cooking class last week, it was wonderful. 

Thanks so much.


                                                                                                                                 Photo by 北嶋友喜

December 2016

Dear Jodie,

Thank you for everything at the cooking lesson. I had a really great time. Thank you for your email and the nice photos... ...seeing you and spending time with you like that was even more fun and special for me! I even listened to the Taiwanese "soul song" on Youtube after I was back in Tokyo! Cooking, singing, listening, dancing(!?), meeting and having a great chat with you was really fun♪

Thank you for giving me so much inspiration every time.

I learned much more than just cooking from you. See you next time!

With love, Kaori

November 2016



October 2016


Thank you for everything! I'm really glad that learn your lesson and to see you.

4 時間以上作りぱなしだけど、ほんと楽しく先生、最高でした!

Kumiko Hirose

Dear Jodie
I'm Tsukako Imura, had your lesson on 23th.
I came back to Japan the day before yesterday.
I really enjoyed your cooking class, thank you so much!
I've just made dumplings for dinner!
My family enjoyed dumpling party!
My sister was surprised that dough was so smooth and easy to shape.

Thank you!
Best regards

April 2016

Thank you so very much for the most amazing day!  I can't tell you how much I enjoyed the class and your approach to teaching.  It will always be a very special day in my memory!  Every single sauce and dish was delicious!!  I hope to see you again one day and explore 'Chinese herbal medicine cooking!'

thanks again!


April 2016

Jodie's old Taipei walking tour and cooking class were the highlights of my trip to Taipei. I arranged the walking tour for my partner and I at the beginning of our stay and Jodie sharing her fantastic knowledge about Tiapei's history, culture and of course food, which real helped make the rest of our trip a much richer experience as we understood so much more. Then the contrast of spending time drinking tea and making dumplings in the tranquil environment of Jodie's Kitchen was just wonderful. I fully recommend both the cooking courses and Jodie's walking tours."

Chris and Roz

April 2016

Thanks Jodie,

The class was such a priceless experience. I really enjoyed learning about the fundamentals of Taiwanese cooking. I feel like a whole new world of cooking and eating has been opened up to me.

I think that it's also important to acknowledge that knowing how to make all of the tasty sauces will allow me to cook and eat more healthy foods and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Thank you for opening up your home to us. In addition to the cooking information the conversation was great and very informative about Taiwanese culture and history. We had a great time.

Thanks again,

Jenifer and Bryon

March 2016





November 2015

Dear Jodie
Thank you for the wonderful time. We are already looking forward to the next class. Hope to see you again.


August 2015

Dear Jodie,

Hello! I got back to Japan last Saturday's morning.

Thank you for teaching me lots of productive things at your cooking class.

That was a great time for me.

I could find that knowing about the basic of cooking is necessary for us to cook.

And I love your cooking style, that’s why it was so simple and beautiful!



June 2015

Dear Jodie,

Thank you so much for sharing your kithche and home with me during my two classes with you. I learned so much about Taiwanese culture and can't wait to make and share these dishes with family and friends when I go hoem.
Thank you too for the dmpling rolling pin, I know it will be put to good use.

I will recommonded it to my studens and fellow travelers that I've met. Jodie's kichen was one of the highlights of my time in Taiwan!


May 2015

Dear Jodie,

Well, we have returned home, and we have many great memories of our visit to Taipei and your cooking class. It was certainly a highlight of our visit. We feel we learned a very unique style of cooking and we are looking forward to trying the recipes at home.

Thank you again for the experience.

Best regards,

Florida USA

Hi Jodie,

I just wanted to thank you for that very nice and informative day! I think today I saw the real Taipei :)

Wish you all the best,


January 2015

Hi Jodie,

Just wanted to tell you again that I really enjoyed your cooking classes and found them to be a valuable experience. I learned a lot about how to improve and expand my Taiwanese-style cooking, which I think helps my entire family. And, I learned how to do it quickly and easily, which helps me tremendously!


November 2014

Hi Jodie,

Thanks for teaching us the class today.

We had a great time learning the dumplings as well as understanding more insight about Taiwan's culture through our candid and lively exchanges!

Best regards,

October 2014

Dear Jodie,

Thank you so much for helping to make my daughter's wedding celebration so special.
We appreciated your hospitality, your humor and your willingness to laugh with us crazy foreigners!
It would be wonderful to have you visit my home- I will teach you to make kangaroo pies!

With kind regards


Dear Jodie,

I wanted to convey a BIG thankyou – for your fantastic hospitality Sunday week ago.
Victoria and I had a great day; we were so lucky to have spent it with you.

Cheers and thanks again J


August 2014

Dear Jodie,

Hello, its been a week since I left Taipei. I miss you and Taipei.
Thank you very much for everything. I learnt a lot from you. You also helped me a lot besides cooking. Never thank you enough.

On the last night in Taipei, I went to the supermarket and the old street you reommended. I bought some food.

Now, I get back to normal life in Japan. I make some dressing everyday. I also made green onion pancake. I put cheese and ham. I put Japanese miso into another one. Your tofu and Genovese pancake was so delicious , I can never forget the taste. I will try to make it someday.

I really like cooking , but always rely on ready meal and easy quick meal. But, now I feel like I want to create my flavor and learn more. My cooking class in Japan was just making dinner with classmate. So, your class gave me a lot of ideas.

Thank you again for everything.

Best regards,

June 2014

Dear Jodie,

We enjoyed meeting you. We learned a great deal about Taipei and about Taiwanese culture and attitudes to life through our conversations. We find this is always a personally rewarding aspect of taking a guided walk, and we try to do it in all the cities we visit.

We were pleasantly tired after our walk up Elephant Mountain and managed to sleep well on our overnight flight home... We will certainly recommend Jodie of Jodie's Kitchen to any friends travelling to Taipei.

Thank you again for two wonderful days visiting sights of Taipei. For us, you will always be the face of your country.

All the very best with your guiding and culinary enterprise. You are a very sensitive and intelligent host and you should do very well. We will encourage friends to not only visit Taiwan but to seek you out - Jill & Peter

June 2014

I can't tell you how great it was to get to talk with you and enjoy such wonderful food.

I made a noodle and vegetable dish for my friend just like you showed me. She was so surprised that I was able to make such a wonderful and delicious dish! I told her it was all because of my classes with you!!! She is looking forward to trying some more of the dishes you taught me.

My friend is looking forward to her upcoming trip to Taiwan and she will be contacting you in a few weeks to determine if it would be possible for her to do a class with you. She was super impressed by the things you shared with me... But it is super fun putting more of what I learned with you in practice! Thanks for being willing to teach - Bryant

June 2013

My girlfriend, sister, and I did the Market and old Taipei tour (Dadaocheng and Dihua Street) with Jodie and discovered a part of Taipei that we never knew existed, even after living here for well over a year. Between the vibrant, lively atmosphere of the food market, the traditional storefronts and fair-trade shops, and unexpected beer garden (which served tasty, local food) beside the temple, it was a wonderful and highly memorable afternoon.

Jodie is extremely knowledgeable about the area and very flexible--she was open to anything that we had questions about or wanted to try. We have returned almost every weekend since the tour for local snacks, gifts and foods. Our favorite part was the treat at the end of the tour: the best freshly squeezed citrus juice that I have ever had in my life - Marc, Liz, and Anne 

June 2013

Jodie, thank you again for such a wonderful experience! When friends ask what they loved most about the trip, our cooking lesson always makes the list! We had such a great time meeting you and learning from you. It was a gift!

We look forward to meeting up the next time we come out. Until then we will be telling all our friends about your amazing class - Julie

May 2013

Thanks very much for the dumpling class. It was a new and interesting experience for all of us, especially for our children. Your personal touch and warm personality made the class very worthwhile. We are going back home today taking with us wonderful memories of Taiwan plus a newly learned skill from you. Thanks again! - Pamela

April 2013

Hello Jodie. We're back in Japan, and trying to get back to regular life. Taiwan was wonderful, the food was wonderful and your cooking lessons were the best! Thank you so much!

I've already been making the soy milk. I also have plans to make the wonderful rayu and sesame sauces - David

December 2012

Jodie, who teaches from her home high in the hills behind Xinyi, was one of the earliest to begin sharing the secrets of Taiwanese food to foreigners. Her hands-on cooking classes often finish with the unique experience of a two-hour walk to the summit of Elephant Mountain, where visitors can enjoy panoramic views of Taipei 101 and the surrounding city...

Jodie uses quality ingredients such as naturally brewed soy sauce, cold-pressed black and white seame oil and Kaoliang vinegar, which she passes around so that we can all sniff and sample. I resolve to take note and live the healthy life...

We relax with some freshly brewed pu-erh tea before contemplating more cooking and more food. Next up is Taiwanese hot and sour soup (suan la tang). Here Jodie uses a unique secret recipe for making a vegetarian soup base that still delivers the full flavour more usually found with a chicken-consomme base. We taste it first without seasonings before adding vinegar, white pepper and cilantro for added kick. I must confess to going back for seconds.


November 2012

I wanted to take the time to thank you for a very warm experience. There have been many a fond memories whenever I drink tea and that day spent in Taipei is yet one more in my collection of stories. It may amuse you to know that I got my 2nd tea set today at the airport. I can't wait to serve it the way you taught me to, when I have guests at my place.

October 2012

We had a great time! Thank you so much! Thanks for sending all the tea articles! I'm hoping to impress my husband's boss next time he is in Switzerland. He really struggles with the Swiss food and I now feel much more confident about inviting him to eat with us more frequently. Also I hope to introduce the Swiss employees to dumplings and tea! I don't understand the high tech world of my husband's company, but I do understand people and food. I hope to help bridge the culture gap in this way.
I actually think that with a bit of nudging my boys might even make dumplings for their friends!
I look forward to having a dumpling making party with my Swiss friends!

May 2012

Jodieさんの素敵なダイニングで、まるで友達の家に遊びに来たかのようにリラックスしながら楽しく美味しく台湾料理が学べたので、大正解でした。。。 餃子やゴマ餅などの、いわゆる「粉もの」のクラスです。このクラスで、上記の「葱油餅」も習いました。粉から作り始めるので、少し時間はかかりますが、楽しいですよ!

Link to review (in Japanese).

Dumpling Class photo (courtesy of Guerilla Gourmet - Dina Abdullah Enriquez)March 2012

I had my 4-hour session of delicious dumpling making with the wonderfully delightful Jodie Tsao.

In her modest kitchen, just midway up the mountains that circle the perimeter of Taipei, I was taught, one on one, to make the most delightful dumplings I’ve ever tasted out of freshly cut pumpkin, shiitake mushrooms and fragrant deep green spring onions.


For quick breaks, we’d have fresh tea. Jodie taught me how to drink tea the way they do in Taiwan. She asked me what tea I liked. Jodie pulled out two pots and after the kettle boiled, poured hot water into both to warm them. Using real leaves, not the common tea bag, she measured the Pu-Erh into a small teapot and poured in freshly boiled water, and let it steep quickly.


I learned so much from that afternoon – not only how to make the best dumplings this side of Asia, but regained a great sense of pride in my life, and grateful for blessings in being a woman. Thank you Jodie!

Read more on this guest's cooking blog, here and here.



Elephant Mountain Night Scene - Taipei, TaiwanJanuary 2012

Dear Jodie,

Wee Ling said from now on when she climbs a stair, she will think of Elephant mountain.

Thanks for the wonderful experience.

Best regards,



December 2011

Hi Jodie,

My husband and 2 sons enjoyed our dumpling class with you so much! I just got my photos developed today and as we went through then we recalled your class. My youngest son, a notoriously picky eater, said your recipes created the best meal he had in Taiwan and when we discussed the trip's highlights my husband and boys all mentioned your cooking lesson.

You were gracious and knowledgeable and I thank you again for offering your home and your skills to visitors.




September 2011

Dear Jodie,

Thank you so much for the wonderful cooking class and for teaching me and my friends all the wonderful recipes! We had a fantastic time! I will most definitely be making another trip back to Taiwan! I attached the pictures we took in your home.

Also, thank you for the copies of your recipes and for the rolling pin! We will definitely be using them around here and making the dishes for our friends! And if you ever make another trip to South Korea, just send me an email and I would love to meet up with you! Take care!


August 2011


Dear Jodie,

Hello, This is Chiaki from Japan.

Thank you very much for your fabulous cooking class last week!
You just taught me something new, I did not know before.

I felt as if I visited one of my old friends and enjoyed cooking and talking. It was so lovely moments for me.

I am back to real life, after summer vacation!
I didn't cook dumpling you taught yet... I'm gonna try it next Saturday.

If I could take long vacations in Taipei next, I'd like to apply for another cooking class.

Hope everything is fine with you.

Chiaki Jitsuhara


August 2011


Hi Jodie, 

Thank you so much for your wonderful dumpling class on July 23, 2011. It was one of the best experiences I have had in Taiwan in my three years of retuning to the country.

Back at home, my mother, brother, and I successfully made dumplings, sauce, and cucumber salad. (We even sawed a broom stick into pieces to make rolling pins as our pastry pin was far too large.)

I will have to work on the onion pancakes though, I think that I didn't make the dough thin enough to cook properly.

Thank you again for such an incredible experience. Best of luck to you!





August 2011


Thanks for the photos. The hiking one is really, really nice :-) 

I enjoyed the class a lot, well worth it. It was really nice to
especially find out how much flavour I could add just with fruits and
vegetables. Especially the Hot and Sour soup base was really good.
After comparing few places, your soup base really beat up the local

 If you wanna take a look yourself too, you can find it here:

Hope you had a nice start of the week!





July 2011


I had very happy time with Jodie. I chose the CLASS 1 of her cookery class. We made much meals with sauces. That was much healthy and so delicious!

She taught me them so gently that I'm able to try them again at home!
Though I'm poor at English, I chat with her pleasantly.
In the next time I go to Taiwan, I want to see her and take another chass.

See you again!

Sincerely, Ayako


January 2011


I've been cooking at least twice a week and feel really comfortable trying new things in the kitchen. Your cooking class changed my life!

Hope you had a good new years! Thanks!







December 2010

mountain walkOur cooking lesson with Jodie was a highlight of our trip to Taipei, being given the confidence to make our very own dumplings from scratch has inspired and excited us so much that we can't wait now to get home to cook all sorts of sweet and savory dumplings for our friends and family. To cap off the cooking lesson the hike up and along the Four Beasts mountain was a great way to burn off the delicious dumplings as well as build up a hunger for more delicious Taiwanese food later that evening. What a great day!" - Simon Enderby




December 2010

... It was so much fun! I learned how to make my own soymilk and ways to make it tasty really yummy. I also leaned how to make my own delicious chili oil, sesame paste, sesame paste, a few different Asian dressings, hot and sour soup and a few other dishes. Every time she made one dish she was telling me three or four other ways to the ingredients. It was a one on one class and it was really wonderful talking to Jodie... It was well worth every penny!!

Read more on this guest's blog


November 2010

Hi Jodie,

We had a great time. I love the way you approach food and this course was exactly what I was looking for. Everything made from scratch, so fresh and healthy... I feel like these are the fundamentals - and if I master the knowledge of these ingredients and sauces that I will have a good basis on which to make other healthy and wholesome asian dishes. Luckily, we have a very good source in Shanghai who has most of these quality ingredients at reasonable prices in the city. There is a local Shanghainese lady who owns a wet-market on Wulumuqi lu. Over the years many of the western style restaurants and quality Cantonese and Tawianese restaurants have arranged with her to bring in import ingredients and source locally produced, organic and healthy products as prices far less than the big grocery stores. So we can find many of these basic items and trust the quality.

I'm going to start making these soups and sauces and playing around with recipes and see what I can come up with.

You're quite right in that even though we have been in China a long time, there are still some ingredients and items that it's difficult to imagine cooking with. For example - I know that sesame is a big ingredient in a lot of asian dishes, but I had no idea how versatile and how tasty it is !

November 2010


I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for your assistance. Everything you suggested turned out to be quite nice. The driver in Taroko was very pleasant and knowledgeable. We also really enjoyed hiking around Juifen and Jinguashi. Thanks

As you can see I'm putting my new skills to work.

April 2010


I want to thank you for a wonderful time during my first day in Taipei. You are a warm, patient and caring woman with a lot to share with others. The experience that day was a magnificent introduction to the culture, community and history of Taiwan.

December 2009

Happy group class from CUHKHEY JODIE!

I just want to thank you again for all you have done for us! We all enjoyed the cooking class VERY VERY much. My friends and I are raving about the experience and now, we want to try taking another cooking class in Hong Kong. You taught us so much and we will put this experience to good use!

December 2009

Jodie focuses on teaching her students the truest form of traditional cooking: using the core seasonings and ingredients to create the flavors that Chinese food is known for.

To me, flavor is what truly differentiates Chinese food from any other cuisine, and once you know how to mix and match the flavors and seasonings, you can create many dishes. Jodie teaches you how to create these flavors and sauces, which can be used for vegetables, grilled seafood, soups, and more.

Read more on this guest's blog

September 2009

Reviewed: Jodie's Kitchen

Everything was simple and delicious. Jodie showed us sour-and-spicy soup, how to prepare homemade soy milk (which is delicious!), as well as a sesame paste, spicy Sichuan flower pepper oil, and a simple Taiwanese dressing - all of which are easily added to veggies, noodles or meat.

Jodie does a good job of giving a basic explanation of vital ingredients, and then showing how they can be mixed together to create the various flavors.

(Read more on their blog)


August 2009

Taiwanese Cooking Class

To learn about a culture, is to learn about their food. Cooking is such a relaxing and enjoyable event for me that it only makes sense to experience local cuisine the way it’s meant to be prepared and consumed. Jodie’s Kitchen was the perfect place to spend a Sunday afternoon. Not only did we escape the insane heat and eat some delicious food, we learned about Taiwan culture and cuisine from a very altruistic Taiwanese woman.

I had such a good time… I’d recommend her cooking class to anyone that enjoys good food and good company. We opted for the one day cooking class, but she has a variety of options to choose from.

(Read more and see their photos on their blog)

May 2009

Our Travel Journal

I had my cooking class in the morning, and it turned out to be great...

It was really fun... We started off talking a little bit, letting her get a sense for how much I knew about cooking or about Chinese food in general, and what sorts of things I was interested in. I had previously emailed that I was especially interested in foods that didn't require wheat flour, and everything we did was designed for rice flour, which will be great.

Our first thing was simply to make soy bean milk, a typical hot beverage to start the day in Asia (more so than cofee for many Asian folks). We then just spent time going through different ingredients, smelling and tasting the ingredients one by one, and then seeing how they tasted when mixed together, and learning which ones were more local Taiwanese, which were Szechuan, which were Shanghainese, and so on. Things like different vinegars, different oils, different peppers, different qualities of soy sauces -- she was already very good at pointing out when you can use basic (i.e., cheaper) ingredients, and when you really needed to invest in the good stuff.

We then moved on to bigger things -- a very simple but extremely good sour and spicy soup (which becomes Szechuan hot and sour soup with just a couple of ingredient additions). As with everything to come, Jodie talked about how flexible this dish was -- add in this, or that, serve it this way or that way, and so on. That was a key point in the class -- almost everything was such that it could be made in a variety of ways, and used on or with a variety of ingredients. It wasn't really a class to learn recipes, so much as a class to learn flavors and how they mix, and how they could be used in different ways.

We then made different types of sesame pastes (again, to be used on a ton of things -- fruit, meat, fish), and had a spicy Szechuan sunflower-pepper oil spicy pineapple dish -- just a spiced and herbed oil on pineapple, that was so simple, so good, and filled with all the flavors you would think of Asian cooking. We also made a sweet and sour dressing on spicy pickled cucumber, and about five other sauces. We finished up with a simple fried rice, and with conversation about why my fried rice (and stir fry) doesn't usually work out quite right. I really learned a lot, and enjoyed getting to know Jodie...

(Read more at this guest's blog)


January 2009

Taiwan Journal #6 - Jodie's Cooking Class

...the class lasted about 4 hours and for the first couple of hours, she taught us about the basic ingredients of Taiwanese cooking. Jodie is a total foodie... she gets really excited about organic, natural ingredients... she talked a lot about how when you eat healthier how much better it makes you feel. It's hard to argue with that. She taught us about different kinds of sesame seeds, sesame oils, different kinds of salts and sugars used in Taiwanese cooking, different kinds of vinegars, different styles of soy sauce... it sounds kind of dull but she was so passionate that it made it really interesting.

After that we started cooking... it was a total blast. We made spicy szechuan pineapple, white sesame paste and black sesame paste (both were awesome as a vegetable dip, salad dressing, or on noodles), spicy szechuan cucumbers, chinese green onion pancakes, delicious...

(See more comments, photos and video on their blog)


December 2008

My Taipei Trip

Our team building activity was a cooking class... We learnt the basic ingredients of Taiwanese cooking, some tips on nutrition, then had our hand at kneading the dough for some home-made green onion pancake. We also learnt how to make Taiwanese dishes such as hot and spicy Sze Chuan sauce.

I was amazed at how something as simple as beancurd with vinegar and garlic can taste so amazing! Will make some for my Christmas party tomorrow.

(Read more about their trip on their blog)


October 1 2008

I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful class. I know that everyone had a fabulous time, and I especially appreciated getting to see our friends in a more relaxed environment. And, of course, the food was delicious!

I will certainly keep you in mind for future trips, or to recommend to anyone coming to visit your beautiful country.


September 24 2008

We’ve just returned home with full and happy stomachs thanks to Jodie, our sensei of Asian cuisine. I strongly recommend her personalized cooking class to anyone passing through Taipei! The class lasted about 4 hours, during which we learned several recipes for sauces based on flower pepper and sesame seed, Chinese minestrone soup, and the classic fried rice...

Read more on their blog...


June 29 2008


I wanted to thank you for the wonderful class, quite well matched to my individual interests. Each dish was very unique and tasted superb. As I went back through my notes and recipes, I am astonished at how quick, easy, delicious and healthy the entire menu was. I asked for something to “wow” my friends at dinner parties with, and got just that.

Anyway, it was just a delightful afternoon at your class, and as if the wonderful cuisine was not enough, it was quite an added bonus to discuss interesting topics regarding improving one’s life.



May 2008

Dear Jodie,

Have just arrived home from Taiwan and wanted to pass on my thanks to you for the lovely morning I spent in your company and for the cooking demonstration you gave me. I am going to Newcastle tomorrow morning where they have two Asian shops, and hope I can get the ingredients you showed me. Also my family are all visiting this coming weekend, so I plan to do my own "demonstration" and tasting for them.

...We really loved our time in Taiwan - your travel slogan is "Touch Your Heart", and it certainly touched ours.

Many thanks again,


Dear Jodie,

The dinner for my family was a great success. As I was keen to show them as much as possible of what I had learnt, I served up a buffet style meal with some Thai meat balls I had made, noodles and rice (some plain and some with two of your sauces on them), plus all sorts of other accompaniments - pineapple, eggplant, cucumber, tofu, etc., done with your various sauces. Maybe not what you would recommend, but everyone thoroughly enjoyed having a taste of a wide variety of things.

Thanks again,


Photos on this page courtesy of: Joyce Tay, Peter Dwyer & Jodie's Kitchen Guests. Thank you!