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Market and old Taipei tour (Dadaocheng and Dihua Street)

Explore the historic heart of Taipei and the city's vibrant street life, experience the sights and sounds of lively outdoor markets and bustling temples, enjoy the tastes and aromas of delicious traditional dishes prepared for you by masters of street food.

This tour of historic Dihua Street and the Dadaocheng area in Taipei takes you to markets, temples, shops, significant sights, traditional food stands, notable buildings, tea and coffee shops, and family-run restaurants.

Taiwan's history is a thrilling story of ambition and conflict, revolution and tragedy, hedonism and sacrifice. You will learn how money, business, culture and religion from the West, China and Japan influenced and built old Taipei. Understanding this unique blend of influences is vital to understanding the complex melting pot that is modern Taiwan

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Elephant Mountain walking tours

Taipei 101 viewed from elephant mountainWe are now offering short walking tours of Elephant Mountain in Taipei. The guided walk takes four to five hours. The 183m (600 ft) mountain is part of a range that stretches about 10km (6 miles) and reaches heights of 375m (1200 ft). The mountains are thickly forested, providing protection from sun and rain. Numerous small temples and shelters provide frequent opportunities to rest, enjoy a drink and snack, and learn more about local culture.

This walking tour does not include cookery tuition, but we also offer a short cooking class combined with a mountain walk, and a tea making class combined with a forest walk.

You can see: The forest, the mountains, rocky cliffs and outcrops, Buddhist temples and Daoist shrines, banana, olive and fig trees, pink cherry and plum blossom in spring, butterflies in summer, mountain streams, abandoned coal mines, mountain squirrels, geckos and other small animals, hunting eagles, bamboo forests, local people (few during weekdays, more at weekends), and a birds-eye view of Taipei 101 and the city center.

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Photos by: Joyce Tay, Jodie's Kitchen, Chen Wang Chan, Jimmy Yao, Bi-Yu Wu (bluefish812), Enixii, SpanLai, Neverbutterfly, Nisa Yeh. See links for license information.