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Please always contact us first to make a reservation.

2F, 29-1 Zi Yun St, Taipei, Taiwan
Tel/Fax: (02) 2720-0053

Click here to display Chinese language directions for taxi drivers. You can print this out, or take a photo with a phone or camera, to show to the driver.

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We recommend this taxi company (they may not have English language service available)
(02) 4058 8888 – Taiwan Taxi (Taiwan Da Che Dui) - http://www.taiwantaxi.com.tw/taiwantaxi/Index.asp

If you don't want to use a taxi, then we can arrange a car and driver for you (this is a car with a professional driver, not a taxi). The price is usually higher than a taxi. Please click here for more details.

The two nearest metro stations are Taipei City Hall and Elephant Mountain

From Taipei 101, Taipei City Hall, Hyatt, Meridien and W Hotels, or Elephant Mountain Station, the taxi ride will take about ten minutes and cost approximately NT$150.

From Taipei Main Station, a taxi will take about 25 minutes and cost about NT$250-300.

Where to get off the taxi?

Get off the taxi near the corner of Zi Yun Street (紫雲街) and Xiang Yun Street (祥雲街) - there are street signs in English. This is a residential area - we have a small sign which you will see when you are directly outside. Taxis occasionally drop guests on the wrong side of the building, in which case you need to walk around (uphill).

Taxi problems?

If your taxi driver doesn't know the street, the area is known as 挹翠山莊 (yi4 cui4 shan1 zhuang1), and it is near to Wu Xing Primary School (吳興國小  Wu2 Xing1 Guo2 Xiao3). You can also ask the driver to call our phone number if necessary.

Taxis in Taipei always use a meter. Never attempt to negotiate the fare for trips in the city.

If you ever think you are getting poor service from a taxi driver, please note down the taxi number for later reference.

Getting here by bus

We strongly recommend using a taxi, but it is possible to get here by bus. Blue #5 minibus (藍5) leaves from Taipei City Hall subway station every 20 minutes. But don't get on the bus if it has a 回站 sign inside the front window by the driver, because it does not travel the full distance (this is why we don't recommend using the bus). The bus journey takes less than 30 minutes. Get off on the corner of Zi Yun Street (紫雲街) and Xiang Yun Street (祥雲街) - there are street signs in English.

Walking here

It is even possible to walk here, as we are only about 1 mile from Taipei 101, but please note that we are on a steep hillside, at a height of aproximately 100M (300 ft) above the city. Expect the walk to take about 45 - 90 minutes from Taipei 101, depending on your walking speed and choice of route.

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