Taipei City Car and Driver Rental Service

Pick up service from Taipei City to Jodie's Kitchen

Each trip is NT$500 one way for 1-3 people, NT$700 one way for 4-5* people. 

When you leave us after your class, you may prefer to just use a standard taxi, that we can call for you, because it is cheaper than a car and driver -- unless you have any special requirements (such as traveling outside of Taipei City, or to a destination that is difficult for taxi drivers to find).

Pick up service from Taoyuan International Airport to Taipei City:

NT$1,200 for 1-3 people, NT$1,400 for 4- 5* people, NT$1,800 for 6-9 people

The driver will meet you inside the airport, at the arrivals area, with a card showing the name you have provided to us.

Driving service from Taipei City to Taoyuan International Airport:

NT$1,000 for 1-3 people, NT$1,300 for 4- 5* people, NT$1, 700 for 6-9 people

*This vehicle can hold 6 people if you don't have much luggage.

Extra charge: From 11pm to 6am. There is an additional charge of NT$200 for each trip

City tour driving service:

2 hours – NT$1,300 for 1-3 people, NT$1,500 for 4-6 people
3 hours – NT$1,950 for 1-3 people, NT$2,250 for 4-6 people
4 hours – NT$2,600 for 1-3 people, NT$3,000 for 4-6 people

The driver will drive you around the city, to notable and interesting destinations such as the National Palace Museum, Yangmingshan National Park, and night markets.

To make the most of your time, we recommend you choose places that are mostly in the same area, so you can avoid repeatedly driving long distances across the city. Here's a list of suggested destinations, arranged into groups of places that are close together

1. Baoan temple, Confucius temple, Dadaocheng, Dihua St. Sundry goods market (Souvenirs such as pineapple cakes, tea, wooden and bamboo crafts), Danshui river walk, Ningxia night market.

2. Longshan temple, The Botanical Garden, C.K.S. Memorial Hall,  Yongkang street (Souvenir shopping), Songshan cultural and creative park, Wufenpu wholesale market,

3. Taipei Fine Art Museum, Taipei Story House, C.K.S. Shiling Residence park, Nation Palace Museum, Shungye Museum of Formosan Aborigines, Yangmingshan National park

4. National Taiwan University (old Japanese buildings), Treasure Hill Artist village, Longshan temple

5. Taipei 101, Xinyi district department stores and shopping, Elephant Mountain, Chungxiao East road shopping, Linjiang St. night market, Raohe Street Nightmarket, Jilong River walk.

6. Maokong Gondola and Tea houses, Taipei Zoo, Jing Mei night market

How to book your car and driver

Please contact us at least 7 days before you want to travel. If you book less than 3-4 days in advance, we can't guarantee we can arrange the car.

Please email us the following information (copy and paste this list).

Name of passenger or group (so the driver can find you):
Number of passengers:
Contact phone number (mobile number preferred):
I need a car and driver on this date:
I need a car and driver at this time:
I want to be picked up at this place:
I want to go to (list destinations):
I need to arrive at my destination by this time (e.g. for car to airport):
Flight number and flight arrival time (for pickup from airport only):
I want to book a round trip (Yes/No):
Approximate number of large bags or suitcases: