Taiwanese, Chinese and Thai Cooking Classes

basic sesame noodles on plate - Jodie's Kitchen

Learn how to cook delicious Taiwanese, Chinese and Thai dishes with experienced chef and cookery teacher, Jodie Tsao. All classes take place at Jodie's beautiful cooking school near central Taipei. Take a look at our customer comments to see how much other students enjoyed their classes. Jodie's Kitchen was recently one of only a handful of attractions in Taipei to receive the 'Very Highly Recommended' rating from Frommer's Travel Guides.



Special Event for August!

Join our Tea making and Elephant Mountain walk on Saturday, August 25. The price for this special event is NT$2,700 per person, with a maximum of 4 people in the class. We will start the class at 2pm. This includes snacks. Afterwards we will take a refreshing mountain walk, enjoying the spectacular views of Taipei from Elephant Mountain and walking back down to the city by 6-7pm.

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Taiwanese Cooking Introductory Class

In this introductory class you'll learn how you can use simple ingredients, such as sesame, ginger and flower pepper, as the basis of a wide variety of dishes, such as sesame noodles (see photo), toasted eggplant, and spicy pineapple. This class is suitable for beginners. Please see the Taiwanese Cooking Class page to learn more.



Taipei seen from MuZhi mountain (height 350M and about 2km from Taipei 101)

Cooking Class and Mountain Walk

Enjoy making delicious Taiwanese dumplings, followed by a meal and an invigorating walk with spectacular views of Taipei city, mountain temples and forests. Read more.



Taiwanese Dumpling Cooking Class

dumpling lesson table set photo

Learn to make three kinds of delicious dumpings with a variety of cooking techniques in this hands-on class. Once you learned the basics, it's very easy for you to modify the filling to use your own favorite ingredients and flavors. Please see the Dumpling Cooking Class description for more details.


Traditional Taiwanese Cooking Class

The dishes you will learn in this class are popular traditional favorites in Taiwan, but less well known to Western visitors. They're all based on rice, but the similarity ends there. Learn the secrets of white radish cake, sticky rice with mushrooms and sweet almond milk. Read more about these traditional specialities.



Tea making and Elephant Mountain walk

Traditional almond milk (杏仁奶) and white radish cake (蘿蔔糕) are still very popular in TaiwanExperience the Taiwanese tea making ceremony. Learn to appreciate the best quality Chinese and Taiwanese tea, and then enjoy a calming walk along peaceful forest paths with spectacular views of Taipei and the surrounding mountains. Slow down, relax, and feel the balancing of soul, mind and body. Click here to find out more about this newly-introduced class.



Three-day Cooking Course

The goal of this more in-depth course is to help you understand how different elements of Chinese and Taiwanese cooking fit together, so you can express your creativity instead of simply following recipes without really understanding them.

You will be able to mix and match the various techniques that you learn, and make a wide variety of complete meals. This will also give you a firm basis for learning more on your own in future. Please see the Three Day Cooking Course description for more details.


Market Tour and Taiwanese Dumpling Cooking Class

Enjoy the sites and sounds of a traditional street market, and a delicious breakfast. Shop for ingredients with experienced chef and cooking teacher, Jodie Tsao. Then visit Jodie's home on the beautiful mountainside overlooking the city, to learn how to make dumplings and other dishes. Finally enjoy eating what you've cooked, in a lunch with side dishes and Taiwanese tea. Click here to find out more about this class and how to book.


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Most classes are suitable for beginners

Easy! In just a few hours, you will learn to make many different dishes. The classes concentrate on dishes which are easy to prepare, even for beginners - but they look and taste great. These are all dishes you can make in your own home. You don't need a big kitchen, complicated equipment, or lots of fancy ingredients.

Healthy! There's a lot of cheap and tasty food available from Asia, but often the ingredients used aren't so great – low quality cooking oil, too much salt, and MSG aren't good for your health. Jodie will show you how you can make delicious food without harming your health. Most of the dishes are suitable for vegetarians.

Fun! Who wants to slave over a hot stove? Cooking should be fun! Learn how you can express yourself by making small variations in basic recipes to create your own dishes. Jodie will show you how to quickly prepare a delicious meal for your friends, or cook for yourself after work, without wearing yourself out.

In these classes you will quickly learn to cook a variety of dishes. As well as being delicious, quick and simple to cook, each recipe is designed to introduce you to key techniques that form the basis of many popular dishes from Chinese, Taiwanese, and Thai cuisine.

Or design your own class...

Other more advanced classes may be available on request - when time permits. Non-standard classes cost at least NT$10,000 per day for two people. Please contact us for details.

If you can read Chinese, you can also look at the Chinese section of our site for details of some other classes.

Class Information

Language: English (Chinese or Taiwanese if required)
Class size
: 1 - 4 students (larger classes may be possible). Always let us know exactly how many people will be coming with you. Private classes may be available on request, for an additional charge.
Children: Before you book, please let us know if you are bringing children, and their ages. Usually we will require you to book a private class if you bring young children, as they may affect other guests' experience.
Time: Classes usually start at 10am or 2pm and last about four hours. Please always contact us well in advance to make a reservation. We will try to arrange the classes to fit your schedule.
Cost: Please see the individual class pages, above, for price details. As a rough guideline, standard classes cost approximately NT$4,000 per person. Sorry, but we do not offer discounts.
Credit Cards: We can only accept Credit Card payments online, not on the day of the class. Please contact us for details. Payment processing companies will impose additional fees on transactions.
Booking Deposit: For some classes and certain busier periods, we require an advance booking deposit of NT$1,500 per person for each class booked, paid by Credit Card or Paypal. In some cases we can accept your booking without an advance deposit.
Other Payment Methods:
Please contact us for details.
: If you need to cancel your class more than 7 days before the date you have booked, we will refund your deposit minus a 10% charge to cover our handling costs and charges imposed by Credit Card/Paypal. For late cancellation and changes (less than 7 days before start of class), we charge NT$1,500 per person for each class booked, and refund the remainder of your advance payment or deposit. This is to cover the cost of lost business, ingredients, and preparation. This charge applies for class cancellation, time or date changes, and reductions in the number of guests. Aside from this, we humbly implore you not to book a class unless you are certain you can attend on time, because late cancellations, no shows and very late arrivals are costly for us, and they inconvenience other guests or deny them their only chance to attend a class.

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