Mazu Temple beer garden

During our Dihua tour, we usually have a lunch in Mazu temple beer garden if it is not raining too badly. We normally order few hot stir-fried dishes and bottles of beer from the street seafood restaurant. There are no waiters telling us where to sit, we just need to find an empty table and join with local people under the banyan trees eating and drinking in the middle of temple courtyard. 

Food is delicious here, the street restaurants specializing in making the old Taipei cuisine. I usually see people order satue sea fish, stir-beef, deep fried tofu, red yeast pork belly are common seen on the tables. People who are eating here dressed usually casually, actually no one bother to behave with courtesy. They enjoy eating and drinking, and talk loud loud I guess.

This is my favor thing to see here is after few bottles of beer, people start to talk about their lives. I love those free and true life stories, which they don't even try to hide, very often I over hear about their glory past, their romance at their youth, their aged resentment with someone, boasting their capability of working, criticizing on the formal president.

The air outside of the Mazu is usually hot, aromatic, spicy, anyway, it's lively, it's fulled of people’s lives. Even thought people are a little bit drunk, they sound like they are arguing or fighting, but they are not violent, they just enjoy being themselves, they are almost naked. I really enjoy this open atmosphere, I feel free to be free here.

While accompany with happy and loud drinkers, people are going into the Mazu temple with their offerings, and pray to the Goddess. The prayers are talking about their life puzzles quietly, I guess they are praying for a better fortune. The atmosphere inside the Mazu temple is holy and the air in the temple is kind of calming.

Taiwanese culture is fairly accommodating, foreigners are mostly welcoming, in most of temples Daoest gods and Buddhist gods are coexisting. In the Mazu temple, the sea godess even allow people to choose their own solution, eating, drinking and talk loud about their lives, or pray quietly and wish a better life.




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