We usually serve the same set menu to all guests at a table. See below for an example of the kind of set menu we offer. To make things simple, you can just order one of the set menus from this page.

Alternatively, you can click here to take a look at a list of some of the dishes we can make, suggest something you like and ask us to design a set menu around it. Normally we charge NT$1500 per person (for two people), and NT$1000 per person (for three or more people). We will always let you know all the details of the menu and price well before you confirm your booking - to make sure you're happy with everything.

Note that we don't serve alcohol, so please feel free to bring a bottle of wine with you (we'll provide glasses, and there's no charge).

Please make your reservation at least three days in advance. Many of these dishes require fresh ingredients to be purchased, so please let us know which dishes you would like when you make your reservation.

If you would like to buy our home-made products, like pesto, please let us know in advance.