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我愛台北象山: 幸福咖啡館


台北信義區的道地義大利家常料理 Ciao Bella










How to be a wok cooking superstar

Stir-frying is a very efficient way of cooking. Compared to oven cooking, it only takes a few minutes to complete a dish.

Stir-frying food with a wok also looks cool! It looks like you're performing on a TV cooking show. Adding a little bit of this and that – we can all look like a cooking superstar.

Open sesame

A natural hair treatmentblack sesame seeds

Black sesame seeds are the most common tonic herb in Chinese cooking. Chinese have used black sesame seeds as a natural hair treatment for thousands of years. People believe it helps to restore hair color, and grow thick, strong hair very efficiently.











A ginger spa from your kitchen

natural hot spring spa bath in taiwan mountainsGinger is very common in Chinese cooking. As the herb efficiently improves blood circulation, it has many different uses.

Do you want to have a warming and healthy natural ginger spa bath? There's no need to buy any luxury spa products, all you need is a chunk of ginger from your kitchen.

“The Science of Getting Rich” and Visualization

My former cookery class student, Jake, who works for the High Speed Railway (HSR), asked me if I have read The Science of Getting Rich. With a title like that, it sounded a little bit crazy. But anyway, I downloaded the book, and read it carefully and tried to find if there really is a science of getting rich.

money heart - artist: Lai Guo Zhang 賴國彰This is an old book, written in around 1910 by an American, Wallace D. Wattles. The language is a bit wordy and sometimes odd. Jake said many people put it down after the first one or two chapters. But to find out how to get rich, I was prepared to be very patient.

After seven years, I finally got used to Kimchi

Korea's wonderful stone pot rice

October, 1999, was our first trip to Seoul. Almost as soon as we got into the city, we noticed the unbearably sour kimchi smell (fermented, pickled cabbage). We were feeling hungry after the flight from Taipei, but everywhere we looked, we couldn't avoid kimchi. Finally, we found a fried rice shop in a food court, so we could have some normal food.

Fried rice - too simple to make

I grew up with fried rice, it's part of our culture. Everywhere you go you see fried rice, every family eats fried rice. It has the same kind of position in the food culture as sandwiches in Western countries.

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