Soy bean milk


½ cup of soy beans and 2 cup of water
1 tablespoon of sugar or black sugar
4 cups of water


If you use a standard food processor:

Black sugar and ginger tea


1 cup of chopped ginger (aged ginger)
5 cups water
5 tablespoons black sugar or enough to taste

Sweet Sticky Sesame Dumplings

This a traditional Chinese dish eaten during Lantern Festival in Taiwan, China and Hong Kong. Actually, they're so good you can (non-traditionally) eat them any time you want.


1 cup glutinous rice flour (sticky rice flour)
half cup of water
sesame powder mixed with a little water
sugar to taste
finely powdered peanut

How to make it

Recipes & Cookery Tips: How to buy good olive oil

Rule 1: Don't just look at the price. With olive oil, you get what you pay for. Cheap olive oil tastes cheap.

Rule 2: Do trust your own instincts and eyes, rather than brand names and advertising. The only reason to look at the label is to ensure you are buying 100% extra virgin olive oil, which has had the least processing and tastes best.

Rule 3: The most attractive color usually indicates the best quality olive oil.

Oven-Baked Honey Chicken Drumstick

500g Chicken Drumsticks
4 spoonfuls honey
Extra virgin olive oil, Salt
¼ Onion, finely sliced
30g of olive oil
5 cherry tomatoes, cut into quarters
Rosemary, Parsley, Thyme and other herbs
2 teaspoonfuls of salt

How to marinate

1. Finely mix 30g of olive oil and 2 teaspoonfuls of salt with the honey in a bowl.

Chunky Rosemary Potato Chips

4 Fresh potatoes
2 teaspoonfuls salt
Deep frying oil
Rosemary (fresh if possible)
15 Cherry tomatoes
Half Lemon/ Lime (or juice)

Green curry and coconut milk with vegetables

Thai food is famous for its spicyness, and coconut milk is perfect to cool down the spicyness and give a beautiful balance.

When I travel to Thailand, it's always a time for me to roll into lots of different cookery classes. From Chiang Mai to Bangkok, to the southern islands, the cooks in many restaurants have all been my cookery teachers. They were happy to see me interested in Thai culture, and they were always very generous in showing me their cooking secrets.

Pesto & Spices Fried Rice

Pesto can be used with many dishes: to roast chicken, sautee ribs, or mixed with lime juice for a salad dressing. Here I use it to make a fried rice dish - a mediterranean-style fried rice. This colourful dish can be a main course in itself - I add cherry tomatoes and sliced cucumber on top of the fried rice, not only to give a rich color but to give it a touch of salad as well.

Feta cheese with cucumber in olive oil and basil dressing

A recipe for people who don't know how to cook...

I invited an Italian chef to stay with me, while he was visiting Taipei. During the month of his staying, I first got to see how simple and tasty the Italian home style cooking is.

Very often I saw the chef, Alessandro, mix olive oil with cucumber and tomatoes. That would be his happy lunch with bread.

Spiced Vegetables in Olive Oil

Spiced Vegetables in Olive Oil

Highest quality olive oil
Garlic, chillies, rosemary and basil or other herbs
1. Cauliflower, Broccoli, Carrot cut into pieces about 1cm wide and 2cm long.
2. Peppers cut into pieces about 1cm wide x 2cm long, Cherry tomatoes cut into half.

Container: Glass jars or bottles


How to Make Spiced olive oil

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